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Working Together to support Young People in our community

We are The Future Focus Network (TFFN), a community-driven organisation on mission to improve the lives of young people in London, challenging them to reach their true potential and be the best they can be.

As a community driven organisation aiming to address social inequalities in society, we have a deep and long-established understanding of the needs and challenges faced by many young people, particularly those from underrepresented and deprived communities. To date, our support has helped empower hundreds of children and young people gain confidence in their own ability, improve attainment levels at school, enhance their skills and professional development, and secure long term, fulfilling work or training. We have been able to do this by providing genuinely accessible and professional support services to some of the hardest to reach communities in London.

We provide support in the following key areas;

(1) Education,

(2) Skills Development,

(3) Training and Employment Support,

(4) Health and Wellbeing.

Our extensive experience and strong network of youth-based organisations across London enable us to offer a wide range of focused, engaging and targeted support services delivered by a team of experienced and dedicated staff and volunteers. Our support facilitates and encourages young people to gain confidence in their own ability, provides positive role models from within the community, and offers wholly accessible and professional services. We look to work with young people from all backgrounds including those who are “NEET”, with a particular focus on those from underrepresented and marginalised communities.

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